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The Castle Theatre

After receiving an internship my sophomore year, I quickly started part-time as a social media manager at The Castle Theatre while managing a team of 5-10 interns each semester. Hands-on guerilla marketing, market research, and content creation proved effective to increase social growth, engagement, brand awareness, and ticket sales in a contrasting market.

Interview With Futuristic at The Castle Theatre

Using my connections in the entertainment industry, my partner Julio Perez and I published an interview with rapper Futuristic before his hometown show in Bloomington, Illinois at The Castle Theatre. This video garnered over 8,000 views on Youtube.

Interview With Dizzy Wright at The Castle Theatre

Utilizing all of the tools at my disposal, my partner Julio Perez and I conducted, filmed, and edited an interview with hip-hop artist Dizzy Wright. Filmed in The Castle Theatre green room with help from Julio Perez.